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Hardwired Security System Most hardwired systems are installed in homes under construction.  There are some applications where hardwire runs can be used in completed homes where wires will not be exposed or can be concealed from view.  Most of the equipment used is the same as with wireless systems, but all the windows and doors can be run with wires instead of transmitters.   When systems are installed during the construction phase, wires can easily be run to all the doors and windows as well as other devices to insure a more secure and complete system.  All the wires are run before the insulation and sheetrock are installed.  We call this the pre-wire stage.   After the interior painting and electrical is finished, we return and install the equipment, devices and test the entire system.  We call this the trim-out stage.   When the owners get their permanent power, we return again and put the system online for Central Station Monitoring.  And most importantly, the cost is usually less than post construction systems.
Wireless Security Systems Central Station Monitoring 
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